The Man that is Mark Dailey…In My Eyes


What to do when you’ve shed so many tears your head hurts? You pray and then you sleep and then you write (that is, if you’re me). I know my blogs are typically light and fluffy… but we’ve all had to deal with the death of a loved one (if you haven’t, consider yourself very lucky). Sometimes, well…the most cathartic thing to do, is write. It started on twitter, I didn’t feel so isolated when 40 strokes on the keyboard led to an outpouring of love and support from you…the words comforted the deep pain I felt (and feel) from news of the passing of my colleague and friend, Mark Dailey. It seems surreal to type those words. Like many, I grew up a fan, he was a staple in my living room…always amused by his late night movie voiceovers and quick-witted quips during the late night newscasts, what was there not to love? Imagine my surprise to discover that he was even more warm and genuine and kind and funny in the flesh. No time for arrogance…Mark Dailey was the real deal…a gentle giant. You didn’t have to know him for very long to love him a whole lot…and boy, does that ever show. I’ve never received so many stories or seen so many tears shed over a man fans say they never ‘really’ knew…maybe that’s because they (you) really DID know him. He was precisely the man you watched on your tv screen night after night. Larger than life… even in his death… Mark is a national icon for being a consummate professional, a brilliant broadcaster and a compassionate man. More than ‘the voice’ of a brand, Mark Dailey’s name and legacy will live on as the man who (among other things) significantly shaped, molded and dictated what pop culture is today. His irreverant commentary inspired a new way of mass communicating at a time when doing so was completely unorthodox. Mark defined the unique voice that was and is CityTV, not only through his magnificent baritone voice but in what he chose to say.
This is why his life (and now death) has deeply impacted us all. Mark represented what it means to live the dream….he worked hard, he gave back and he was kind to all he met. Most of all, he let humility lead…he’d be in awe of the thousands of letters and phone calls pouring in to pay him respect (I just wish he were here to see it).
Mark Dailey, you are forever one of my greatest role models…I will miss your jokes, your big heart, your gentle spirit and your warm smile…and yes, you are the exception to the rule. You are and always will be… irreplaceable and unforgettable. You will live forever in our hearts and in our minds… it is there that your beautiful baritones reside…and it is in that way, that you will always be…EVERYWHERE.
With Love,

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