Humiliation Runway Station!


Oh my friends….the things I do for a good cause….this weekend was no exception. You see….when the fine people at Holt Renfrew called me up to combine several loves my life (my passion for fashion, Miss J Alexander, Jimmy Choo shoes and World Vision), it was a no brainer. The catch? I had to HUMILIATE myself in a celebrity walk-off competition in front of hundreds of spectators!!!
Did I practice? NO! Did the shoes fit my dainty size 41 feet? Heck NO! Did I make a fool of myself? ALWAYS!
I started off all meek and shy…a ‘how did I get here, I’m so scurrrred’ approach…then…I decided to unleash my Sasha Fierce as I Beyonced and sashayed my way through a ‘Single Ladies’ tribute….the crowd ate it up for all of the wrong reasons (which I’d hoped for).
Then…we had to head back down the runway and Miss J (being the runway coach queen that he is) showed me up! It was game time…..I knew I could only hope to catch up by whipping off the Choos and working it barefoot. I lost points for the time it took me to kick off my kicks as I carried the Choos down the runway instead of wearing them (see photos).
All in all…I lost to the incredible Ciara Hunt…that girl can WALK (don’t tell me you haven’t been practicing honey)! The runner up was MTV’s Dan Levy (here’s where I want a runway IOC-type inquiry)….his lovely co-host Jessi Cruickshank was a judge!?! Hello? Bias much? If I had Kevin Frankish on the panel something tells me I’d up my chances too….bitter much. I kid…it was all in good fun (you deserved it Dan….I’d book you for fashion week if I had the power).
What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon… I had way too much fun (thank-you to all who came out and to George for passing along these fun photos).
It was really great catching up with some of my favourite people in the industry (Shinan Govani and Kim D’eon, you’re so sweet and truly class acts).

Have a great day and enjoy March Break!! The weather is certainly co-operating!!!
P.S. If you missed it this morning….we had an EXCLUSIVE interview with the ever-fabulous and fun Miss J today. He is exactly what you’d expect….down to Earth, funny, kind and warm. You must pick up his book “Follow the Model,” it was a pleasure to read…I couldn’t put it down. It makes you laugh out loud and cry (I was a mess by the end…his words are inspiring and so deeply moving). It’s brilliantly written and a great read for men, women, and teens of any sex, age, gender or sexual orientation. Trust me on this.

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