I heart Kim Kardashian!!!

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What an honour!!! Kim Kardashian chose to sit down with Breakfast Television in a television exclusive to promote her brand new perfume (like we needed another reason to love her!). It’s just one of the many things this young woman is tackling to takeover the competitive beauty and clothing industry. (It smells really beautiful, I doused myself in it this morning and am breathing it in right now…ahhhhh). The smell? Floral and feminine with an undertone of sexy and spice (just like her). Kim is without a doubt, a pop culture icon…a fashionista…a brilliant business woman and a true beauty! Actress, model, philanthropist…there is nothing she can’t do.
‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ was just the beginning for Kim and now she’s jetsetting around the world and working really long and hard days to build her brand into an empire. She talked about her love of fashion and …wait for it…the Bieb! Kim has Bieber Fever!!
What a living doll…check out the pics..I’ve never seen so many staffers (male and female) come out of the woodwork for one star!!! No surprise there. Kim…Canada loves you! Come back anytime….grab her brand new scent and watch her do her thing on The Shopping Channel tonight at 8pm and 11pm sharp!
Thank-you again for gracing us with your presence and perfume! Xoxo
Dina and all of us here at BT

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