In Awe of Oscar

Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show Toronto

I don’t know where to start. I’m overwhelmed….my day started with a wee bit of a ’sleep in’ Tuesday….wake-up call…5:30am instead of 4am. Left the house at 6:30am instead of 5:30am…but… this was no regular day….this was Oscar day! Not the golden statue…something just as regal, poised, respected and loved…the designer…it was my chance to give my ‘Ode to Oscar’ during his day long visit…his first visit to our city in almost a decade!! He is clearly one of the most loved and successful designers in the world. One look at his gowns and you’ll quickly see why…he knows a how to transform any woman into Cinderella within seconds…and that’s exactly what I got to experience yesterday. I digress. One of the perks of my job is to take on exciting projects. This time…it’s to serve as host of a prime time special coming this September on CityTV, called “Suzanne Rogers presents, Oscar de la Renta.” I jumped at the chance to work with Suzanne and Oscar. A winning combo. The first part of the special included a taping in New York for fashion week back in March (all the info is in my older blog, I’ll spare the rehashing)…where, you may recall, I mentioned that Oscar, at 77 years of age, is a stunning man. That I may have a wee crush. Well, I’m happy to report that…it’s a full-on one now! I rushed over to the hotel where Oscar and Suzanne were to be interviewed (he arrived fresh off the plane to meet the press)….he walked in like a King of Couture that he is….oozing charm and grace. Suzanne was perfection in a pink Oscar cocktail dress…the interview was incredible…I was baking in a black suit with the sun beaming down my back through the window but I didn’t care…it was a sit down with the man himself and Suzanne Rogers!! Suzanne and Oscar were delightful. They talked about their mutual love for fashion and fundraising. The bond they share is remarkable. (Watch CityNews at 6pm tonight for a sneak peek…I ask Oscar if he fancies himself a ‘Sex Symbol,’ you may be surprised to hear his response…and thank-you to my fashionistas at BCBG for hooking me up with that stellar cut-out pant suit during the interview, they all loved it). Then it was off to hair and makeup Part Two!! Wow…my makeup artist Tracy Peart, hair master Tony Masciangelo from the Alcorn salon and Alex from Holt Renfrew all worked together to transform me into feeling like a princess…Oscar’s gown set the stage and it was showtime! Special thanks to Lara at Holt Renfrew for tailoring the gown so that it fit just right. You are brilliant. And of course to Erika Bearman, Oscar’s PR queen (or fairy godsister as I call her)…she handpicked and delivered the most beautiful gown for me to wear for the night. We shot all of the show links for the special in the afternoon and then it was another hat switch as I met up with my CityNews crew (Sandy and Jim are rockstars)..we had loads of fun getting you backstage access for our story tonight. What’s more? I was in charge of co-hosting the gala at night so I got to milk the one time I get to wear Oscar because I never did have the time to take it off! I felt like a bride minus the receiving line!
The venue? The Carlu. The runway was unreal. The interior design? Old Hollywood glam!! Oscar’s runway show was exquisite and the crowd was a who’s who…so many woman decked out in Oscar gowns, I’ve never seen anything like it. Safe to say it was the most elegant and sophisticated gala of the year…I will never forget it. But wait, there’s more…Oscar stopped me dead in my tracks (how did I not see him to my left? I was rushing to get to the podium)….he grabbed me by the shoulders and said ‘You look so beautiful tonight. It is an honour to see you wear my gown. Thank-you for giving me the honour.’ (What!!!!!! What?? Is this really happening? Pinch me!! Thank-you, thank-you Oscar for allowing me to wear your gown!! I get the Oscar seal of approval??!!?? I’m honoured…not You Sir!) That’s what I should have said. I was speechless!!! (Hard to believe judging by the length of this blog!) This is the kind of gracious man he is….unbelievable. I mustered up a weak “the honour is mine…your dress is so beautiful. Thank-you..” Also unbelievable? The fact that we raised a boatload of cash for Healthy Kids International, The Children’s Aid Society and Casa Del Nino….all of this unimaginable beauty and elegance and all for a most worthy cause….children. A gala as meaningful as it was magical and for that reason…it’s one I will never forget. I was honoured to take part and co-host the dinner with another one of my fashion idols and an icon in her own right, Jeanne Beker. Looking stunning in her Oscar gown, we got caught up during the meal and whooped it up on stage (so much fun) while Ben Mulroney did a fabulous job serving as auctioneer for the night (he’s quite the comedian that Ben, he had the crowd rolling with Oscar red-carpet anecdotes about George Clooney… but Jeanne proved she’s got what it takes to auction off anything to anyone! A woman of many many talents!) To all of the beautifully kind viewers I met…a true pleasure and a million thanks! From the film crew, Carlu staff and Oscar guests I had the chance to meet throughout the 19 hour day…thank-you. We do what we do on BT for viewers like you…thank-you for letting us into your homes every day…it is truly an honour. It’s why at approx 2am last night…I didn’t feel like my carriage turned into a pumpkin when the dress went back and the hair was a mangled mess…because I am privileged to share the mornings with you all every single day and you take me in my jeans and tank tops just as well as my Oscar gown and borrowed jewels!
See you tonight on CityNews and tomorrow on BT, thanks to all who made last night’s evening with Oscar, truly golden….

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