J’adore Pandora

dina pugliese pandora

This was a pretty amazing opportunity and super fun shoot for Pandora….they make beautiful baubles (I love me some baubles), I provided a few fun quotes to celebrate Flare’s 30th Anniversary (and all things gala)….I called up my make-up artist extraordinaire Tracy Peart (tracypmakeup.com) and voila! Instant print ad inside the stores of Pandora and pages of Flare. Now here’s the silly behind-the-scenes scoop behind these shots…the entire time…I was being photographed inside the actual party..this wasn’t a staged photo shoot. So picture it, smack dab in the midst of all the bumpin’ partygoers stood yours truly…attempting to ‘look natural’ to get this shot. And there it was! Pandora’s box was opened!

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