The Heart Truth!


The gowns, the clowns (me), the glam, the hams (me again)…the fierce and the fab…it was all part of the annual Heart Truth fundraiser. This year…men were included to help lend their support, a welcomed and wonderful addition!
It was such a fun night for a great cause….our very own Sangita Patel sizzled in an Ines DiSanto gown….Lovas decked me out with a thigh-high slit that we had too much fun with (creating a ‘faux’ tattoo on the femur that read ‘heart health’).
Everyone was having so much fun because at the heart of it…the message was simple….wear bright, bold, red to remind us all of how important it is to put ourselves first….what good are we if we are too run down to be there for our family, our friends or our careers???
Far too many women die from a heart attack because they don’t go to hospital soon enough….time to put our health in the spotlight ladies. We know what we should do…plenty of z’s, eat right, try to get in some exercise and de-stress (I know, insert laugh here)…but if we maybe took 20 minutes to take a quiet bath….it could do us…and more importantly…our hearts…a world of good. That’s just the start…we can be proactive but it will take work. The goal is to be around as long as possible in the most healthy way…I’m going to try harder….are you?
That’s the heart truth…

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