Adriana Lima

Oh my heavens! Talk about a real-life angel! Forget Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, Adriana Lima proved herself to be what’s even more important and beautiful…..a wonderful ROLE MODEL!
She was every bit humble, gracious, polite, grateful and down to earth…she was amazing with everyone on staff and actually nervous about her appearance in the lobby, all of us found her to be surprisingly refreshing (Naomi Campbell should take note).
She’s a proud mom and gushed about her baby girl and husband….(her and I both married Serbians and she got a real kick out of that, genuinely interested about everyone here, not just about promoting the VS brand).
She was also very honest and forthcoming about how hard it is to maintain her ideal body weight for a career that demands her to be flawless and in her undergarments at all times!
She said she works out and watches her diet every day. She admits that it’s a struggle and takes a ton of effort as an uber-busy working mom.
We’d never dream that this angel could be so heavenly in person! A stunner in the flesh and even more beautiful on the inside. She says family and Church are most important to her (she’s been known to take the Bible backstage and read before shows and was a regular church goer before her traveling got in the way)….we wish her all of the success in the world…this is one beauty who wowed us all!
Enjoy Victoria’s Secret in our City ladies….no more catalogues or trips south of the border!
Check out Adriana tomorrow (Thursday) for yourself, when she will be signing autographs at the Yorkdale grand opening VS store between 1:30-3:30pm. Trust me, it will be worth the wait to meet this truly remarkable woman!

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